Some Ways On How To Quit Smoking

By OrchardPie|November 12, 2015|HealthHealth,Quit Smoking|

Smoking has been one of the most popular vices the human race has for a long time. While some see it as a psychological practice, to some it is a mere physical obsession that is hard to resist and end. Even if smoking has been regarded as a legal act among nations, its end results are regarded as a negative […]

Strong Action

By OrchardPie|November 4, 2015|Clean Water|

The federal government–in partnership with the states, provinces, counties and municipalities–is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in helping to: 1) restore Great Lakes water quality; 2) prevent and control non-native invasive species; and 3) clean up concentrated toxic pollution. Below are the priority actions the U.S. government must undertake immediately to heal the wounds inflicted on the Great […]

Treating Acne

By OrchardPie|October 30, 2015|HealthHealth,Medicine|

ACNE CAN BE A SENSITIVE SUBJECT FOR CHILDREN AS THEY BECOME TEENAGERS. HERE’S WHAT PARENTS CAN DO TO HELP TREAT THE CONDITION  Pimples! Most adolescents wish they would go far, far away and never come back. Acne affects nearly 80 percent of all adolescents and young adults of all races and ethnicities. Boys may have more severe, longer-lasting acne and are less […]

Allergenic Dog Food Reasons For Choosing All Natural Dog Food

By OrchardPie|October 26, 2015|Dog FoodDog Food,Veterinary|

Veterinarians have revealed that feeding pets with unsuitable type of foods lead to the quick degeneration of their health. Not acquiring sufficient nutrients also makes dogs age faster while being susceptible to various diseases. In the long run, pet owners find themselves burdened with hefty vet bills – a situation that could have been prevented when they have switched to […]

3 Ways to Find Inner Peace and Stop Binge Eating

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Keeping a blog allows you to see just how people find you online. That is, what search terms people type into the search engines to arrive at your blog, such as ‘find inner peace and stop binge eating’. Today, someone used this phrase to find this site and reading it touched me and reminded me of why I work as […]