3 Ways to Find Inner Peace and Stop Binge Eating

By OrchardPie|September 3, 2015|Health|0 comments

Keeping a blog allows you to see just how people find you online. That is, what search terms people type into the search engines to arrive at your blog, such as ‘find inner peace and stop binge eating’.

Today, someone used this phrase to find this site and reading it touched me and reminded me of why I work as a coach helping to free women from emotional eating.

Their search, ‘find inner peace and stop binge eating’ is a simple phrase but one in which lies a ton of heartache and anguish. It denotes a life only half lived and one that is wrapped up in turmoil and perhaps self-loathing. It is certainly one that is nutritionally unbalanced.


So what are the causes of binge eating and how do we stop it? Well, the phrase itself allows us some insight into part of the problem. Binge eating can be a response to a lack of ‘inner peace’ where we use food to assuage our feelings, to take the edge off of our emotions, to numb us into unfeeling.

Solutions: 3 Ways to Find Inner Peace and Stop Binge Eating

I don’t believe that there is any one solution to stopping binge eating. Rather, there are numerous areas in our lives that we need to deal with along with changing our behaviours, habits, and nutritional status.

Below you can find three ways you can begin to find inner peace and stop binge eating:

  1. Find a passion in life
    Finding something to be passionate about can reach us at a deep level. Once this source of unfulfilment has been filled then we will stop turning to food to fill the chasm within us.
  2. Learn how to deal with your stress
    Stress is a major factor in binge eating. Not only does stress upset our blood sugar and help to cause cravings but we also seek to soothe the tension with food. Learning strategies to deal with stress can be very effective in reducing binge eating.
  3. Begin to understand your feelings
    Often we mask our feelings, such as anger, resentment, guilt, and shame, with food so it is important to begin to explore those feelings and learn where in our past their source lays.


Once we do this it can lead to an understanding of how we experience them emotionally and physically. Only then can we begin to break the food and feeling nexus find inner peace and stop binge eating.

Help for binge eating means that along with dealing with the emotional side that causes binge eating it’s also important to deal with the nutritional imbalances that also cause cravings and binge eating. Once you’ve started to balance your blood sugar and improved your nutritional status real changes can happen.

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