Allergenic Dog Food Reasons For Choosing All Natural Dog Food

By OrchardPie|October 26, 2015|Dog FoodDog Food,Veterinary|

Veterinarians have revealed that feeding pets with unsuitable type of foods lead to the quick degeneration of their health. Not acquiring sufficient nutrients also makes dogs age faster while being susceptible to various diseases.

In the long run, pet owners find themselves burdened with hefty vet bills – a situation that could have been prevented when they have switched to all natural dog food, such as hypoallergenic dog food, early on.

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True enough, the $1.15/pound cost of all natural dog food seems a little expensive when compared to the available options in the market. Considering all the other factors, feeding organic foods to dogs can actually save more of your budget.

Note that natural foods contain no by-products and fillers. As such, these munches make the pets feel full even when the amount of serving is reduced. The volume of the dog food may therefore be reduced up to 40%, per meal. This makes the supplies last longer, and adds up to the value of money spent on it.

It is also imperative to mull over the cost of medicines and professional fees paid to vets whenever the pets suffer from diseases and allergies that possibly resulted from the ingredients of commercial dog foods.

The director of the FDAs Center for Veterinary Medicine stressed that there has been a found correlation in the amount of melamine that disrupted the kidneys of the dogs and the level of melamine contained in the foods they consume. He then reminded that the ingredient has been banned in the production of pet foods in America.

Hypoallergenic dog food, including gluten free ones, should therefore be on top of the list of animal lovers.

Feeding them with all natural dog food that is free from gluten and melamine keeps their excretory system sound and functional. Spending a few cents more on each pound of organic foods can do wonders on the health and vigor of the pet.

Biologists explain that both cats and dogs are innately carnivores. Dogs that thrive in the wild feed mostly on bones of other animals, rotten fruits, fish guts, dead animals, and discarded human food. They eat grain, but this only accounts for a small portion of their diet.

The natural diets of dogs therefore consist of water, animal fats and proteins, and only a dash of carbohydrates.

With this considered, imagine the lack of nutrients the pets are getting from dry foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates, very tiny amount of animal protein, and almost no water.


When shopping for hypoallergenic dog food, it is a must to pick a grain free dog food to ensure that your pooch is getting what it needs. Grains, as source of carbohydrates, can be totally waived. It is a must to get a brand that best mimics the natural diet of canines.

As a responsible pet owner, you should give your dog what it needs and deserves. Get the nutritional facts on the label of each pack and assess whether you might be serving your pet its possible cause of death. Go for gluten free dog food and grain free dog food to make sure that your dog gets the maximum health and protection.