Some Ways On How To Quit Smoking

By OrchardPie|November 12, 2015|HealthHealth,Quit Smoking|

Smoking has been one of the most popular vices the human race has for a long time. While some see it as a psychological practice, to some it is a mere physical obsession that is hard to resist and end. Even if smoking has been regarded as a legal act among nations, its end results are regarded as a negative one because it has seen and proven to be a definitive health hazard. For this reason, health experts and other concern clusters strongly advise and recommend smokers to quit smoking.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking is a tough move especially to long-term smokers. The substance present in cigarettes provides an affirmative sensation that is difficult to withdraw. This substance help smokers cope up with stress, depression, boredom and anxiety. Thus, in order to successfully quit smoking, a plan that works well with alternatives to coping up with apprehension, tension, despair and boredom must be planned carefully.

The first step to planning a move on quitting smoking is to set a date of quitting and to tell family, friends and colleagues about the plan so they can help in motivating, encouraging, reminding and making sure that the plan is followed and will be successful. See to it that tobacco products are unreachable and unavailable at home, in the office or in the car so that when the craving starts to sink in, there is no available item to satisfy it. Also, avoid smoking triggers like places, situations and people. If drinking alcohol pushes you to smoke, then it is best to avoid alcohol too.

Also, if boredom, depression and tension is about to descend in and your way of coping with it is through smoking, then begin looking for alternatives such as exercising, eating and even engage yourself to mobile games and coloring books. There are better and healthier ways to fight negative feelings such as these without the need to smoke and eventually will demerit the health. It can also be of great help if you seek the help of experts like doctors.

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They can provide medications and alternative therapies for a successful smoking withdrawal. Moreover, it is best to remind yourself of the many benefits you will get after a successful result especially on health issues. That all the sacrifices and tough moves you have to undergo in withdrawing from the vice will be beneficial not only for yourself but for all the people you cared for.